B&R Compliance Associates can assist customers navigate the complex landscape of sustainability, integrate eco-friendly operations, and achieve environmental goals.

B&R Joins 3S Circular

January 15, 2024 Canton, MA – B&R Compliance Associates announces that they have joined 3S Circular (, a collaborative network of companies embracing sustainability practices that support a brighter future for our planet and its inhabitants. The companies represented in 3S Circular focus on four main areas of the United Nations Sustainability Agenda; #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, #9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, #12 Responsible Production and Consumption, and #17 Partnerships for the Goals.  The website showcases each of the solutions to both investors and potential clients. Sal Calandra, President of B&R explains, “We’re excited to be part of this new collaboration of like-minded companies that offer specific, yet different sustainability solutions to the marketplace.” There are plans to expand the 3SCircular network with other sustainability-focused companies in the near future.  For more information, go to or reach out to

How B&R supports our clients to reach their sustainability goals:

  • Digitization and Paperless Solutions: We assist clients with the transition from paper-based record-keeping to digital systems for driver files, vehicle files, procedures, and training.
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting: B&R helps clients understand and comply with environmental regulations and standards. By ensuring operations are compliant, customers can avoid penalties while also minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Training: We provide training through our Learning Management System (LMS) to raise awareness about sustainability and environmental issues.

Carbon Curious?

Are you exploring non-traditional/alternative CO2 sources?  Alternative CO2 sourcing is the capture and purification of carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial processes, biomass, or direct air capture, rather than from traditional sources, such as fossil fuel combustion, ethanol or ammonia production, chemical processes, or naturally occurring wells.  

Alternative CO2 sourcing plays a crucial role in advancing sustainability by reducing carbon emissions, utilizing waste streams, promoting renewable energy integration, and enhancing resource efficiency. Embracing these practices is essential for transitioning towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future. B&R Compliance Associates partners with Spectrum Carbonics to DeRisk, Certify, and Monetize potential or existing sources.

Do you need assistance with MRV for carbon credits?  If you’re looking for help with greenhouse gas (GHG) evaluation, analysis, and management, B&R is ready to give you a hand!  We assist clients with the collection, measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) of emissions to meet their sustainability metrics and obtain carbon credits.