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Effective Safety & Health Management programs are cost effective. Studies have shown that for every proactive dollar spent preventing workplace accidents, 4 to 6 dollars are saved in direct/indirect accident costs. Successful programs can also keep your company out of your state’s workers’ compensation assigned-risk pool where chances are you will be penalized with higher premiums and most likely not very good service. If you are already in your state’s assigned-risk pool, you can get out of the pool with an effective program once you demonstrate several years of reduced claims. Here are some of the services we provide that can help you achieve the type results described above.

Evaluations/Assessments – Complete analysis of your current S&H management system looking at such items as commitment, accountability, training, involvement, hazard identification, accident investigation, and workers’ compensation claims management, safety program elements and program effectiveness.

Training/Education – On-site training is offered for all employees. Loss Prevention courses are available for managers, foremen and personnel that are responsible for safety and OSHA compliance. Specific courses on all the OSHA training requirement topics are available plus training on such topics as accident investigation, workers compensation claims management, etc. are available. If you have a specific training need, just contact us.

Inspections – Hazard identification inspections are the principal means of locating substandard conditions and substandard practices. Site inspections are offered to identify your accident sources and recommendations are offered to eliminate or control these substandard.

Procedures/Program Development – Without standards, employees will determine their own behavior and they will determine how the job gets done. Procedures and programs are necessary so expectations can be established and results measured. Once your needs have been identified, we can work with you to develop the right programs for your organization.