HACCP & Food Safety Plans

HACCP & Food Safety Plans













Under HARPC every firm must analyze and determine how to manage, control, and monitor the following categories of risk as they apply to their products and facilities.

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Physical
  • Intentional

The tool for completing this process is the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points – HACCP. B&R can help you apply this tool to understand how these various risk categories apply to your business and products, and how you can best manage and control them.

Once the hazards have been analyzed and the risks understood each food producer must develop a food safety plan. This is your blueprint for preventing contamination and adulteration of your food products. It needs to consider every element of your supply chain, from qualifying vendors, to production, to storage and handling, and finally shipment.

Here again B&R has the training and experience you can rely on to assist you in developing a plan that fits your business and compliance needs.